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I’ve switched over to a new content management system for my website and blog. I hope you like the new look, the old content has been transferred and there will be more regular updates to the content as I can now update directly via a mobile app.

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Action 100

06a100-medal27th August 2006, starting at Bristol (Temple Meads), via Chobham Rugby Club and finishing at London (Euston Station).

06a100002This is the first time I have ridden the Action 100, which despite being labelled as Bristol to London, doesn’t officially finish in London. So being the stubborn perfectionist that I am, I decided to extend the official route onwards to Euston station. Which by the time I had diverted around the Notting Hill Carnaval turned out to be 143.6 miles and caused me to nearly miss my train home, which left 30 seconds after I got on board.

The total online amount I raised for Action Medical Research for this ride is £245 (excluding gift aid), which is fantastic and sincere thanks go to everyone who sponsored me.

My online sponsorship account for this event is now closed.

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London to Paris

05l2p-medalThis was my first charity bike ride, 300 miles in 4 days arriving in Paris in time to see Lance Armstrong win his 7th and final Tour de France. I did the ride for Action Medical Research after my mother’s partner found their advert in the Sunday paper, and raised £2,739 to help them fund more research programmes.

Day 1 – London to Dover

The day started quite cool, setting off from Blackheath, and riding southeast out of London. The route took us to Rochester, across the river Medway and then down narrow country lanes all the way to Dover. After the initial coolness in the morning, the weather warmed up and the day turned out to be a scorcher, not necessarily the best thing for a long distance cyclist, but welcome nonetheless. Some of us, me included, missed a turning and ended up doing about 30 miles extra.

Day 2 – Calais to Abbeville

After getting the ferry across the channel, we set off for Abbeville. Today was another hot one, and the tarmac actually felt to be sticky, making the going very tough indeed in some places.

Day 3 – Abbeville to Beauvais

Pretty much the same as the ride from Calais, but a little cooler.

Day 4 – Beauvais to Paris

From Beauvais we cycle to the lunch rendez-vous, from there we cycled into Paris in groups of around 20-30 cyclists, working on the principle of safety in numbers. There was some question whether it would be possible to cycle round the Arc de Triomphe, as it happed we needn’t have worried. It’s certainly an experience I will never forget, riding round the Arc and then down the Champs Elysees. I attempted to video this last bit, but the cobbles made the video extremely shakey so it’s not the easiest video to watch.

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Sustrans C2C

20 April 2004

140 miles from Whitehaven to Tynemouth. This was my fist long distance cycle ride, which I did on a bike I bought to get too and from work during the petrol crisis, it was a cheap Halfords Apollo mountain bike and is really heavy, but also very sturdy.

The route itself is stunning, you ride through some of the most beautiful scenery England has to offer, it’s challenging and in some places downright hard work.

Day 1 – Whitehaven to Keswick

Day 2 – Keswick Sightseeing

Day 3 – Keswick to Langwathby

Day 4 – Langwathby to Allenheads

Day 5 – Allenheads to Tynemouth

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