Seaside 10K

21st October 2007, starting at Victoria Park, Southport. It’s a road race (running), and I’ve never done one before. My best 10k to date is 1 hour 6 minutes and 36 seconds, which is diabolically slow and will almost certainly guarantee last place. So it remains to be seen whether I can come anything other than last.

Admittedly most of the running I do is off-road, such as canal towpath or across fields with long grass, cow pats and stiles to negotiate. So for a road race maybe I could knock off five minutes, but that’s still slow. To be fair though I only took up running recently, and have not run at all since I was about 15 years old. Mind you even then I was slow, and hated every minute of running we had to do round Sefton Park on a Wednesday afternoon.

Did Not Start

Unfortunately I sprained my ankle on Saturday, so was not fit to run on Sunday. I’m really annoyed with myself, because if I had worn the boots I had in the car rather than just shoes I would not have had a problem.

However, if my ankle is up to it, then I will be running the Stra Cantù on Sunday 4th November, near Como in northern Italy.

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