Olympic Torchbearer

In 2011 I was nominated as a possible candidate to carry the Olympic Torch for the London 2012 Games. The first I knew about it was when I received an email from BMW UK in August 2011. On 8th December I received an email from LOGOG telling me“Congratulations! You’ve been chosen to have your moment to shine and we are delighted to make you a conditional offer to be a London 2012 Olympic Torchbearer.”

It’s all very exciting, but I still couldn’t tell anyone. Obviously I told family but had to keep it a secret from everyone else while LOCOG carried out a background check on me.

Grant with Steve CramThen in January I received a communication from BMW inviting me to a Torchbearer’s welcome day at Millbank Tower, London. My wife and I could go together, which was very exciting since it was our first engagement together. The day was fantastic and we were made to feel very special, I got to meet former Olympian, Steve Cram. We had some photos taken and I was interviewed on camera.

I’ve also been asked to answer some questions for the BMW Magazine, so if you are a BMW owner you may want to watch out for them being published.

On 19th March 2012 it was officially confirmed by LOCOG that on Monday, 25th June 2012 I will be carrying the Olympic flame as part of the Torchbearer relay (day 38) in Sheffield. Why Sheffield is a bit of a mystery to me, because at 60 miles away from my home it’s not exactly local, but since BMW are very kindly providing me with a car and chauffeur to take me to and from the event it’s not a big issue.

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